About Us

DMC Group of Companies

DMC Group consists of 5 major companies that handle several specializations ranging from Advertising, Digital Marketing, Branding, Campaign Marketing, Political Campaigns, Branding, Public Relations, Investment, Asset Management and so much more.

These and much more are products and services rendered by DMC Group of Companies. Below are the companies within the group:

• De-Leon Media Concepts Ltd 
• De- Leon Multi Services Concepts Ltd
• Hannal Demakarios Multiplex Services Ltd
• Netvis Enterprises Ltd

DMC Group is a Multi Services Company, with over a decade years experience in delivering efficient solutions to brands which want to become leaders in their industry. We took projects, both national and regional, from zero to leading position.

We managed advertising budgets of more than 300 million naira to over 1 billion naira. And, through our work, we’ve influenced the behaviors of millions of consumers out there.


Deleon- Tag is a global proximity marketing technology device enabling brands to connect to consumer’s mobile phones based on their proximity to a fixed/mobile physical location, using ubiquitous range mobile technologies such as Bluetooth, WI-Fi and mobile network.

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 Pablo Picasso