Deleon Tag

Introducing: Deleon Tag

Deleon- Tag is a global proximity marketing technology device enabling brands to connect to consumer’s mobile phones based on their proximity to a fixed/mobile physical location, using ubiquitous range mobile technologies such as Bluetooth, WI-Fi and mobile network.

De-Leon Tag can send any content in various formats directly to mobiles quickly and for free. De-Leon Tag pushes contents via Bluetooth radios, Wi-Fi and Service Networks to surrounding devices, De-Leon Tag specializes in providing information, entertainment, discounts, coupons, and other promotional materials to users of mobile phones and other portable Bluetooth, WI-Fi & Network-enabled devices.

Proximity Communiqué

This service sends information or notification to millions of mobile users at the same time. We will be giving you access to our database with over 128.5 million indigenes living and working all around the world

Proximity Campaign

This service activates the allocation of team members equipped with Deleon-Tag equipment within any city around the world. These team members are trained location Campaigners.

Audio Message Campaign

This service creates and directs voice messages to mobile users within respective cities around the world. Any organization can use Audio messages to send communiqués to indigenes in different states in various ethnic languages, creating a personal touch in his Campaign efforts.

Road Show Marketing Campaign

This service creates awareness amongst indigenes of different cities interested in knowing more about your brand. Our road show will include multimedia presentations and question and answer sessions with the Public.

Deleon Tag
Boost your Success

Deleon Tag enables creation of massive awareness, canvassing for customers/clients, monitoring of responses and Public Opinion on our client’s Marketing Campaign.

Cities Globally

Brand Concept

Our clients can have a Fixed De-Leon Tag installed in all major Cities, Public and Private Establishments, Major streets and highways around the world, integrating them into well designed posters. Invitations will be sent out, to turn on their Bluetooth or Wi-Fi enabled devices to download free content from the outlets.