Deleon- Tag is a global proximity marketing technology campaign platform enabling brands to connect to consumers’ mobile phones and devices based on their location.

De-Leon Tag can send any content in various formats directly to mobile devices with speed and for free. De-Leon Tag specializes in broadcasting information, entertainment, discounts, coupons, and other promotional content to users of mobile phones and other devices.

Proximity Communiqué

This service sends information or notification to billions of mobile users at the same time. We will be giving you access to our database with over billions of indigenes living and working all around the world.

Proximity Campaign

This service activates the allocation of team members equipped with Deleon-Tag equipment within any city around the world. These team members are trained location Campaigners.


Audio Message Campaign

This platform creates and broadcasts voice messages to mobile users within respective cities and countries around the world. Any organization can use Audio messages to send communiqués to individuals in different countries in various languages, creating a personal touch in his Campaign efforts.

Road Show Marketing Campaign

This service creates awareness among citizens of different countries interested in knowing more about your brand. Our roadshow will include multimedia presentations and question and answer sessions with the Public.

Language Gap

Language is the most potent tool of communication. It projects identity and promotes cohesiveness, especially in a homogeneous society. For multi-cultural societies, devising a means to communicate in their respective languages is an added advantage in achieving campaign objectives.

With our services activated in various countries and continents across the world, individuals can get customized messages stating the importance and benefits of product and services in their daily lives in their various local languages.

Steps to DMC Service Delivery

  • Outlay your target areas and segment.
  • Design contact objective per segment and location. Design contact collateral: titles, scripts, languages, and formats
  • Calculate contact frequency. Create a campaign schedule.
  • Activate De-Leon Tag and deploy according to schedule.
  • Generate report.
  • Analyze impact.

Get Started

Brand Concept

Our clients can have a De-Leon Tag activated in all major Cities, Countries, Public and Private Establishments, Major streets, and highways around the world.