Media Buying

There’s no one-size-fits-all media mix. Every business has a unique set of goals and audiences, which requires a tailored strategy. That’s why we approach media planning collaboratively with each client.

Media buying is time-based, meaning that the buyer is paying for “renting” all possible placements on all possible platforms so they must be available for the timeslot when it is convenient for the advertiser to place the ad.



Increased Monthly Traffic


Increased New Visitors


Increased Conversion Rate

How We Do It?

Step 1: Industry Research. We make a review of the industry, we analyse the competition, we identify the targeted audience, and we research the consumer habits and motivations that may impact their response to your advertising.


Step 2: Media Strategy. We design a customized media strategy, based on a careful review of your business, of your competition and your unique marketing goals and objectives.


Step 3: Media Plan. We create a strategic calendar with advertising activities that will provide a framework within which the media buyers can evaluate various media proposals. We negotiate, purchase and schedule the media.

“Marketing is really just about sharing your passion.” –Michael Hyatt

We buy all kinds of Me for You

Our Expertise in buying all kinds of media displays our excellence for giving you an all round 360 degree service. We purchase Social Media Marketing; engaging facebook, instagram, twitter. We also engage influencer marketing, Search Engine Marketing, SEO, retargeting/remarketing but that is not all;

We command several Digital Screens, Billboards and advert outlets. there are so much more. Kindly Click below to Visit our About Us Page and download our brochure to go through our list of services.

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