Where Innovation Meets Investments

Empowering Visionaries

Backing bold entrepreneurs with transformative ideas for a future shaped by innovation and investment.

Driving Forward

Hannal De Makarios accelerates progress by fueling visionary ventures at the forefront of innovation.

Premier Venture Capital

Where pioneering ideas meet strategic investment, propelling the next generation of groundbreaking innovations.

Shaping the Future

We’re committed to fostering innovation that reshapes industries and empowers tomorrow’s leaders and game-changers.

Our Mission

Hannal De Makarios, where innovation meets investment. Hannal De Makarios is a premier venture capital firm dedicated to empowering visionary entrepreneurs and driving forward transformative ideas that shape the future

Our vision

At Hannal De Makarios Ventures, our mission is clear to catalyze innovation and foster the growth of pioneering companies. We believe in the power of entrepreneurship to drive positive change and create lasting impact in the world. Through strategic investments and unwavering support, we aim to fuel the journey of exceptional founders as they build the next generation of industry-leading companies

Our Approach

Our approach is rooted in a deep understanding of technology, markets, and the dynamics of innovation. We actively seek out opportunities across diverse sectors including but not limited to technology, healthcare, consumer goods, and sustainability. By leveraging our extensive network, expertise, and resources, we provide more than just capital – we offer strategic guidance, operational support, and access to invaluable industry connections to help our portfolio companies thrive.

Our Mission Is to Build the Foundation of a Secure Future


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